Rollapaluza time! #cycling

Learning the ropes

So you’ve been through it all - your first bike as a child: that red Apollo with those knobbly tyres, the mountain bike as a kid thinking it’s the only kind of bike, then the hybrid, the road, and the fixed. 

But what about someone who hasn’t experienced those glorious years of transition? What if that someone is your friend who has just learnt to cycle (well, barely) and you are annoyingly trying to get her on a bike because you want to share the fun?

Teaching an adult is far more difficult than a child because an adult knows his or her limits and will take necessary steps to avoid injury. I think this pretty much sums it up:

I need to get some stabilisers!

It’s not that she can’t cycle. She just can’t cycle confidently let alone on the roads yet. I mean, she crashed into a bush…whilst going at a pace that a toddler running could overtake her.On the bright side, at least it wasn

On my part, I’ve begun to get an insight on how cycle instructors teach pupils considering I had to adapt my tone, speed (duh), and patience in order to make a tutorial successful. Also on my mind was structure, considering I have a habit of flip flopping on things to do, so that needs addressing.

I think the most important way to structure beginner training would be:

  1. Get pupil over the bike and give it a walk.
  2. Show them how to use the brakes - gears will be taught later
  3. Let them try peddling whilst staying with them in case they fall. Tell them to look up and straight.
  4. Practise braking
Of course when it comes to cycling, nothing will be gained without taking a few drops. It’s part of cycling whether you’re a newbie, veteran commuter or Mark Cavendish.

And Unfortunately for her, she will be back on a bike even if she doesn’t want to. That’s what you get when your best friend is a cyclist with four bikes. :)



BLOGGED: New track bike. #cycling

48T. Richmond Park clockwise. Nearly died. D:

If you’re going to have a setup like this, then just get a road bike. It’s not even a track bike anymore…

Not really a fan of the road bike; I prefer the no-nonsense style of fixed/track and mixed with a road flavour to compliment my style of riding.

BLOGGED: New track bike. #cycling

48T. Richmond Park clockwise. Nearly died. D:

Saturday cycling - sunshine, ahoy! #cycling #London #sun

Track-standing in the sun #cycling #London

Track-standing in the sun #cycling #London

Repairing them all. So much effort. T.T #cycling #London

Repairing them all. So much effort. T.T #cycling #London

And hello there, new road bike!

New chain, new tyres - all blue! #cycling #London

New chain, new tyres - all blue! #cycling #London

The Return To Richmond

The last time I was in Richmond Park, I had my hybrid, the Pinnacle Neon Two, for a few months and my fitness levels were, aheh…..non existent. I told myself:

I’ll return to that park when I’ve built enough strength to climb, descend, and spin without stopping for a lap

On Thursday, my friend, Jonathan, called me in the morning inviting me for a lap around Richmond Park. I was still cooped up in bed in the warmth.

It’s perfect weather for cycling! - Jonathan

I opened my blinds and wham, sunshine. No arguments here - cycling gear on - bolt outside my door - pump road bike tyres - adjust brakes. Me and Jon both have the same road bike (B’Twin Triban 3 - really worth the £300!) and set off for Richmond. When we arrived, there was a plethora of cyclists with bikes that probably cost more than a car and my eyes green with envy began the lap of the park.

The clockwise lap isn’t too bad. There are a few mini climbs here and there and fantastic descents. Yet, there is one monster climb that physically killed me when I first did it. Broomfield Hill, you are a &(£($&)&^£%@&£. I think that’s the best way to put it. It’s not a straight up climb. It’s a zig zag climb and it BURNS LIKE HELL. I didn’t think Jonathan expected that but conquering that hill on your first try is amazing.

But I think conquering that &^$%^&*£($ hill on a fixie tops that. Later on that day, I took my fixie up that hill. And I conquered it. Not only did I conquer it, I actually got a personal best up the section and overtook a road cyclist on the climb.

On a fixie.

On a fixie.



Nielsen Cerbolles

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