First thoughts with the new bike

Looking for a new bike is and was hard. Really hard. With about….zero knowledge prior to my search, I had my work cut out researching all the bits and bobs in order to find the right bike (and, of course, have the money).

After a number of failed bids on eBay and no results on Gumtree, I resorted to Evans Cycles and talked to the mechanics. He recommended me this bike: the Pinnacle Neon Two.


For the ill-informed, Pinnacle is a brand owned by Evans. It isn’t as well known as Specialized or Trek but has the high quality parts as them. The fact that it isn’t a household brand means you can buy them at an affordable price, with my bike costing £350 - down from £500.

As for the bike itself, the Neon Two is a hybrid bike. Initially, I was aiming for a Brompton/ Dahon folding bike but knowing I’ll be challenging Richmond Park’s hills, I ditched it. It has 11 gears, road tyres, very lightweight and disc brakes. The concept of new brakes is new to me but it is said that they allow for better handling than your average-Joe rim brakes.

At a first glance, it’s a no-nonsense bike, designed what its meant for: speed. And my word, it is fast. Straight paths or excruciating climbs up Notting Hill, it does the job well.

What surprised me most was its weight. Just cycling with it felt as if you were just hovering off the ground. 

That is, if you avoid potholes and cobbled streets. The one problem I have with it is the lack of suspension. You aren’t covered when cycling over them, which gives your groin and arse a bit of a walloping.

Yeah, that’s about it after a few days giving it a thorough test drive. I think I’ll give it some proper judgement once I put it through the gruelling routes in Richmond Park. 


Nielsen Cerbolles

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